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10 Years! Milestone reached for JPS’s Andrew Edge and Andrew Potter

10 Years! Milestone reached for JPS’s Andrew Edge and Andrew Potter
11th September 2019 Amy

10 Years! Milestone reached for JPS’s Andrew Edge and Andrew Potter

During September 2019, JPS Selection’s longest-serving colleagues celebrated their 10-year anniversary with the business. Joining the organisation within 2 weeks of each other, they have witnessed exponential growth, worked within four offices during JPS’ expansion and currently work from our headquarters in Birmingham, UK. There have been many milestones achieved during their 10-year tenure; including JPS becoming a recognised leader in the support of technology companies with their global expansion. JPS continue to go from strength-to-strength; delivering a record financial year and quarter-on-quarter revenue growth.


As an integral part of the JPS team, Andrew Edge and Andrew Potter have celebrated great success during their 10-year tenure with us.


Speaking during our monthly company-wide meeting, Paul Dakin thanked both for their commitment to the business and hard work during the last decade. “Both Andrew Edge and Andrew Potter have been instrumental in the growth of JPS Selection over the last 10 years. They have set an example of what can be achieved within our company as well as within our industry as a whole. It has been brilliant to work with them both and see them develop during this time”.


As a reward and a thank you for their commitment to JPS, an all-expenses paid, theatrical performance and culinary adventure was arranged at The Fat Duck (Heston Blumenthal’s three Michelin star restaurant) with first-class transportation from our offices in Birmingham. In addition, both Andrew Edge and Andrew Potter were given a luxury, engraved watch as a commemoration of their achievement.


A ten-year career with a company is an amazing achievement and this got us thinking. In the last decade a lot has changed, but what were the key technology advancements of 2009 and has much changed today?


We’ve outlined our favourites below:


  • Mobile phones with GPS Satellite Navigation became mainstream
  • Sales of Netbooks went crazy and cloud-storage increased in popularity
  • Windows Vista rolled out (launched November 2008)
  • E-books replaced actual books ($13.9 million in revenue in the third quarter of 2009)


Congratulations to Andrew Edge and Andrew Potter on this fantastic achievement and we hope there are many years of continued success to you both moving forward.