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7 more myths about Recruitment

7 more myths about Recruitment
7th March 2019 Amy

7 more myths about Recruitment


The use of Recruitment Agencies is a fantastic way for organisations to expand their team without spending time sourcing CVs and screening candidates. Recruitment professionals should be a consultative partner to your organisation, helping you find and secure new people for your business.

As with any profession, there are a number of myths to be debunked regarding recruitment, below are a few more of the worst.

Part one: 7 myths about Recruitment Agencies


Small agencies aren’t as good as their larger counterparts

Larger agencies definitely have more manpower behind their search for an aligned candidate, however this doesn’t necessarily mean they are better. Smaller, more niche agencies generally specialise within a particular sector or type of role. As a result, they are often better-placed to assist with high-specific vacancies. It could also be argued that a smaller agency provides a more dedicated service and higher attention to detail.


Recruiters only care about commission

Whilst many recruitment professionals will enter the industry due to the draw of financial success within the role – there is many other elements that influence the recruiters work ethic and commitment to making a placement. Most notably, recruiters spend a lot of time getting to know both candidates and clients and building strong relationships with them. This partnership is important and means that recruiters will always try to do the best by their candidates and clients – above any commission they may earn as a result.


Posting on job boards is enough 

Whilst using job boards is beneficial to recruitment and finding candidates, it should not be the only source. Many candidates will be passive and not actively looking for a new opportunity. Recruitment professionals will have networks of candidates that may not be on the market and by not engaging with them, you risk missing out of that one exceptional candidate that fits your requirements.


Recruitment software > Recruitment agency

Recruitment software does have a value within organisations looking to streamline recruitment processes, but does not replace the influence of a recruitment professional within a process. Recruitment software can automate some elements of the recruitment process including job board posting, candidate tracking and background screening. However, using this alongside the support of a dedicated recruitment partner is likely to yield the best results.


The best candidates don’t work with recruitment agencies

Arguably the opposite is true.  In our experience, we find that the most lucrative and experienced candidates do work with recruitment agencies, as they understand the benefits of this partnership and the time that can be saved.


You can find just as good a candidate using referrals

Another excellent source of candidates is internal referrals. The obvious benefit of this is you have a built-in reference; someone who knows your organisation and also knows the individual and can vouch for them as a good fit. However, in a growing organisation the volume of candidates that are needed cannot be fulfilled using referrals alone. Whilst a great source for one-off candidates, alternatives should be considered for fulfilling multiple vacancies.


Hopefully, we have now covered the majority of the worst myths about recruitment. Are you looking to fulfil a particular vacancy? Check out some of our clients here and see how we’ve helped them find fantastic candidates.