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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at JPS

What is our aim?  

JPS Selection promote a culture of D, E & I across the business, both with its internal and external recruitment services.  

We aim to build a globally diverse workforce where all voices are heard and embraced. Diversity provides us with an array of perspectives and allows individuals to feel equally valued and respected in the workplace. We want all employees to achieve their fullest potential and help drive their professional/personal development. All JPS employees have equal responsibilities and are able to manage their own day, each are crucial to contributing in driving the business forward with their unique perspectives, ideas and decision-making.  

What do we do to implement this? 

We have managed to drive inclusion in the workplace by adopting a decentralised workforce, every employee is given the platform to have a voice in business decisions, so everyone contributes to the overall success of the business. We believe this is a successful business model and has helped us to dramatically improve over the past few years, particularly since COVID and the introduction of a hybrid/remote business model. This allows for greater flexibility and creativity from each individual and enables employees to feel valued and heard. Fostering greater autonomy, productivity, and job satisfaction. Inclusion then brings better opportunities, prospects, and personal and professional development for all.  

A flexible hybrid/remote model means candidates are not limited. We offer positions to those with little to no experience through to fully experienced. The most inexperienced within the recruitment industry will be put through our complete training plan to become a fully equipped recruiter. Additionally, during the hiring process candidates are given the chance to view our internal policies so we can be completely transparent in what we have to offer. We also offer regular company days out involving team building exercises to encourage social interaction and healthy competition as we recognise this is particularly important for remote/lone workers. JPS also understand the importance of a healthy work/life balance and we recognise life can be overwhelming trying to fit everything in. This is where our hybrid/remote model encourages flexibility in the working day, for example, our employees who are parents take the time they need to pick their kids up from school, time off for appointments etc.  


We work with clients on their own D, E & I procedures globally. However, we will consider any candidate that comes forward and look to best match candidates and clients based on their unique skills and experience. We know from our internal D, E & I values that this can only be positive for clients, and would treat the process the same. We use several systems and platforms to access a more diverse network of talent on a global scale. We have staff members in the EU and US and are seeking to expand our overseas employees in 2023. We have a diverse team of people across different continents that can give us fresh, new perspectives, ideas and allow us to access wider networks of candidates and clients alike. We believe this enables us to build better relationships with our clients on a global scale.  

We look to continually build our networks both internally and externally to develop our understanding of what our candidates and clients need, to better connect the two. In turn, building a better understanding of D, E & I over time. As members of APSCO we seek to consistently improve our understanding and adoption of D, E & I to ensure we stay current through their online webinars, articles, and courses. 


D, E & I is crucial in our entire recruitment process. For example, candidate feedback is an integral part of our recruitment process to build a better understanding and knowledge of what our candidates/clients need to take their profession to the next level. Our consultants work with candidates to provide them with the skills and knowledge they need to enable them to achieve their best abilities. Skills which can then be carried over into their future endeavours.  

Similarly, we offer client feedback in order to work with clients on improving candidate attraction and better their interview process.


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