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Why JPS Love Recruitment (& You Should Too!)

Why JPS Love Recruitment (& You Should Too!)
14th February 2018 Amy

Why JPS Love Recruitment (& You Should Too!)

We’ve previously covered the pros and cons of working in Recruitment, and what you should look for in a Recruitment Consultant so it’s only right that we now focus on why we love the industry, and why you should too!


ONE: Top talent

The great thing about working in this industry is that we get to spend our time talking to the very best of the best. For you, Recruitment streamlines the process of hiring new people and puts the best candidates in front of you. The very best Recruitment professionals will find you individuals that may not be on the market, tapping into a resource you would not have access to without them. For candidates, Recruitment takes the stress and time out of finding a new opportunity. Industry professionals present candidates with the best roles to fit their circumstances, without the hassle.


TWO: Knowledge

Recruitment gives professionals the opportunity to learn all about a particular sector, territory and job role and use that knowledge to help people expand their teams, cover new territories and fulfil key hires. Being able to broaden our knowledge and learn new things, and then implement that knowledge to help others is a driving force in the success of any Recruitment professional.


THREE: It frees up your time

Hiring new members of your team is a time consuming and convoluted process. Recruitment consultants have the expertise to efficiently streamline the process, freeing up your time concentrate elsewhere within your business. We shortlist the candidates against your requirements, enthuse them about the opportunity within your organisation, and liaise with them to find the ideal time to schedule interviews. Recruitment professionals take the hassle and time dedication out of hiring for your business.


FOUR: Building relationships 

As a trusted advisor, Recruitment professionals work in partnership with you to develop and grow your team. They understand your company culture, what you are looking for in the perfect candidate and how your recruitment process works. They can be a valuable asset to your business, and as a result it’s common, over time, for a longstanding business relationship to develop.


FIVE: Reduces your time to hire

The best part about the Recruitment industry is it helps to make your hiring process more efficient. We already have thousands of connections between us, and a wealth of knowledge regarding Recruitment best practice which allows us to be a trusted advisor when it comes to your next hire. This also means we are well placed to be able to streamline your processes reducing the amount of time it takes for you to bring on new members of your team.


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