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How to find a job in a new industry

How to find a job in a new industry
8th May 2019 Amy

How to find a job in a new industry

Searching for a new job can be challenging in any circumstance, especially if you are considering moving sectors and exploring something new. Before committing to a job search in a new sector, make sure you have done the following to maximise your potential for success.


Become an Industry Expert

The first step to finding a job in a new industry is to become the expert in that industry.

Soak up as much information as possible. Research the key players within the space, the best firms to work for and any emerging companies that may be about to disrupt the marketplace. Attend seminars and webinars to gain a further insight. Being knowledgeable of the sector you wish to move into will help you in interviews and being able to share specialist sector knowledge will make up for the experience you lack.



Get to know people in the industry. Attend conferences that are relevant to the sector and meet people who can introduce you to new opportunities.  The best way to find a job in a new industry is to be visible and known in that industry.


Work on your cover letter

Your CV may not align with some opportunities as your background will not be relevant to the industry you wish to move into. With that in mind, you will need to make sure your cover letter emphasises your passion for the industry and any knowledge you have gained. Highlight seminars and conferences you have attended, key figures within the industry you admire and areas you are keen to learn more about. Identify any parallels between your current industry and the one you’re looking to move into and reference your transferrable skills. Your cover letter is your opportunity to highlight your successes and why you should be considered for the job, even without direct industry experience.



A great way to gain some ‘real life’ experience within the industry of your choice is to volunteer. Spending some of your free time volunteering will boost your application but also affirm your decision that the new sector is the right one for you before it’s too late. Volunteering will always be viewed positively by a potential employer and therefore will be a great addition to any CV.


Be patient

It may take some time for you to be considered for an opportunity that is in a new sector but don’t become impatient. Taking the time to wait for the right opportunity will benefit you further down the line.


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