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Six key attributes of top sales people

Six key attributes of top sales people
28th February 2017 Amy
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Six key attributes of top sales people

Being a sales person requires dedication to the product or service you are selling, enthusiasm and an ability to go over and above the requirements of your team and your customers.

What makes those who are at the top of their craft stand out against the ordinary?



One of the most vital attributes of the top sales people is that they are customer-focused. The top sales professionals know that it is as important to be a good listener as a good speaker. Understanding what their customers are saying is paramount – silence is golden. Customers will provide all of the important information given the opportunity. In addition, top sales people see themselves as on the same level as their customers, not as above or below them. They will find a way of keeping in contact with them; sending thank you, birthday and anniversary messages and ensuring they are in regular contact. Many send news and articles of value to their customers, to make sure they are always in mind should an opportunity present itself.



Another fundamental attribute of the top sales people is their ability to self-motivate and self-discipline. The majority of sales people work from home, which requires the top sales people to be able to resist the distractions of the home environment, and keep on track. Most sales people are responsible for their own time management, and it requires high level of self-motivation to get up and make calls every day without instruction.



Sales professionals are often recognised for their persistence – the most successful look for new solutions, new work-arounds and new ways to approach the contacts they need to reach. They are tenacious and stubborn and refuse to give up. They always follow up, and in the end provide their customers with no other option to consider.



A further attribute relates to their sales patter. The questions that they ask are well thought out, and high quality. This allows them to fully determine their customer’s situation and buying needs. The most efficient way for a sales professional to uncover their customer’s objections, concerns and end goals is by asking relevant questions. Often, they ask more questions that the average sales professional, which is what really makes them stand out.



One less obvious attribute of top sales people is good organisational skill. Knowing when and who to call at particular days and times is paramount to the success of all sales professionals. Many processes will be running in parallel to one another, all at different stages and therefore organisation, and the ability to prioritise is key. In addition to this, administration responsibilities can leave poorly-organised sales professionals feeling overwhelmed – the best sales people are well prepared.



Hand-in-hand with a good organisational skill is a sales person’s ability to always be prepared. Ensuring an above-adequate amount of research and pre-meeting planning are vital elements to a successful pitch. Those that do best reach a problem that needs resolution and use their own resources to fix it.


Have you got another attribute that you think is key to a successful salesperson? Let us know at [email protected]!

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