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What to expect on President’s Club

What to expect on President’s Club
24th April 2019 Amy

What to expect on President’s Club

President’s Club is the pinnacle achievement for many sales professionals as it combines recognition for overachievement and the opportunity to experience an all-expenses-paid vacation with the top percentile of peers within your organisation. It is a fantastic opportunity to network with senior-level executives within your company, meet others who are enjoying great success and also build relationships with colleagues whom you may not otherwise meet.

Once you’ve earned your place, what can you expect from your first President’s Club experience?



President’s Club is an exceptional opportunity to network with the very senior individuals in your organisation – away from the pressures of the work environment. It is also a great chance to speak with others within your business who have been successful. Having the insight into the success of others can help you develop in your own career; allowing you to learn from their mistakes and adopt proven strategies to obtain results. There are very few other events in the sales calendar where all of the most-successful people within a company are in one place, for a considerable duration, without the traditional distractions and interruptions.


Prestige & Recognition

President’s Club usually takes place in a gorgeously-exotic location at a luxury resort with incredible experiences thrown in. No expense is spared and as a result of the prestige, many sales professionals see it as a non-negotiable goal within their professional career. Usually included in the experience is an award or recognition ceremony where notable achievements are celebrated and rewarded.



The opportunities unlocked at President’s Club are profound and difficult to attain in any other setting. When quizzed, a number of CEO’s advised that they will look for President’s Club attendance within a CV as an indicator of their ability and “above average” achievement. Not only that, but as mentioned previously, the networking opportunities are where the real advantages lie.


President’s Club is a fantastic opportunity to network with the best people in your company and industry and an event that is the number one goal for many sales professionals. Click here to view our top tips for improving your sales techniques and make sure you’re attending your company’s next exclusive event.