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Large company vs small company

Large company vs small company
28th March 2019 Amy

Large company vs small company

When looking at a new role there are many factors to consider before making a decision. Not only do aspects such as the type of role, location, progression and the level of responsibility guide your decision, the choice of large company vs. small company is also an important and often overlooked aspect to consider.

Below we’ve outlined some perks of each, to help make that decision a little easier:



Defined structure

Larger companies generally have a more defined structure meaning there are clearer progression routes and distinction between different roles and positions within the organisation. The hierarchy is usually clearly outlined and traditional. This could be seen as advantageous as it can help an employee identify the key aspects of their role more easily and also provides a more definitive chain of command.


Company brand

Larger companies already have an established brand that will have gravitas within the market. Particularly in sales roles, the ability to be able to leverage particular notable products and services can be powerful in generating new sales. It can also make prospects more likely to take your calls and meeting requests.


Benefits package

A further benefit of a larger company is that they usually have a comprehensive benefits package featuring many ‘work perks’ that a smaller organisation may struggle to offer. These may include private healthcare and dentistry, pension as well as holiday buy back schemes and discounted gym memberships.



Varied Role

With a smaller company, there is more opportunity to become involved in multiple areas and have a variety of responsibilities. Job roles are less-clearly defined which means that you can gain experience in a variety of areas – it may even spark an interest in an area you had not previously considered and open up new career paths to you.


Recognition for success & achievements

In a smaller organisation, going that extra mile has a much bigger impact. As a result, the recognition of success and achievements is generally more profound. If you perform better when consistently praised and enjoy going over-and-above, a small organisation may be better suited.


Sense of team spirit

As a smaller organisation, the sense of team spirit is amplified. There is no room for people to not pull their weight and as a result, collaboration and co-operation are vital to success. This breeds a strong team culture. If you enjoy working as part of a team, a smaller organisation will give you an environment to thrive.


There are many advantages of larger and smaller organisations that are not contained in this list – but we think we have highlighted the best! Is there something we’ve missed? Let us know the best thing about your organisation (large or small) at [email protected]


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