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What you should look for in a Recruitment Specialist

What you should look for in a Recruitment Specialist
18th January 2017 Amy
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What you should look for in a Recruitment Specialist

There are many factors to consider when looking for a Recruitment partner for your business. Whether it’s a one-off hire due to a specialist or difficult recruitment need, or an on-going requirement for support – it’s important to find the right specialist to suit your business.

We’ve spoken to our clients and outlined below are our key things they suggest that you look out for from a potential new agency.


Recruitment experience within your sector

The number one thing to consider when looking for a Recruitment Agency is their experience within your sector. A strong and comprehensive understanding of your industry as well as what your business does, is paramount to any experienced Consultant understanding your hiring requirements.

By selecting a Recruitment Agency that are specialists within your sector you are more likely to be presented with candidates that are highly aligned to your vacancy, reducing the time you are spending on recruitment in interviews with candidates that are not relevant. They can add value to the recruitment process that you would not find from a ‘jack of all trades’ company.

At JPS Selection, all of our Consultants receive on-going training in the development of the technology sector. This means that our team have an up-to-date knowledge of across the software industry, allowing us to pinpoint exact matches to your vacancy.


Screening process

Prior to sending any information to you, a good Recruitment Agency will have already spent a considerable amount of time pre-screening any potential candidates. Using your job specification or outlined criteria as a guide, a Consultant should be able to highlight key factors and traits of each of their candidates, which are relevant to the role you are looking to fill.

The best Recruitment Consultant will have a number of calls with any potential candidate prior to their CV being sent to you – firstly to confirm their interest in the role and subsequently to ensure they are highly aligned to it in terms of cultural fit, skillset, experience and location.

A specialist Recruitment Agency, such as JPS Selection, will target the exact candidates you are looking for and actively headhunt them – ensuring you only see the best talent with the right skills and experience.


Existing clients

Do they have any testimonials or reference to clients that they have worked with? A good Recruitment Agency will have happy clients, who are keen to shout about their partnership. It’s a bonus if any number of companies within their client portfolio are within your sector, as that would indicate that the Recruitment Agency have knowledge within your industry. Take a look at our clients, here.


They don’t just approach active candidates

Not all active candidates are the right fit for your role, and whilst it is obviously easier for a Recruitment Agency to approach those candidates that are on the market for their next role, this does not always mean they are right for your business. A good Recruitment Agency will approach candidates who are not on the market and actively looking for a new role – opening the door to a plethora of candidates you would not otherwise have access to. By doing so, they can then match the perfect candidate to your criteria.


JPS Selection have been finding the perfect candidates for a wide variety of technology companies for over 9 years.

Do you have a requirement you need our help with? Contact us now. We’d be happy to help.