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Across the pond: Recruitment in the UK vs. US

Across the pond: Recruitment in the UK vs. US
29th March 2017 Amy
Lady Liberty: Recruitment in America

Across the pond: Recruitment in the UK vs. US

As a global recruitment specialist, JPS Selection work with technology professionals all over the world.  As a result, our team of Recruitment Consultants have experience in dealing with the complexities of talent acquisition in many diverse territories and the variety of differences that creates.

Two key areas that JPS Selection cover are the United Kingdom and the United States – but how do they differ in terms of Recruitment?



During the interview process there are a number of different ways a company can refine their shortlist and single out the best candidate for the role. Between the UK and the US there are a number of differences in terms of the approach to this. In the UK, personality tests are seen as valuable. However, in the US it is a written test that is deemed more crucial as a tool for shortlisting candidates.



There are a number of legal differences between the human resources policies in the UK and the US. Our Recruitment Consultants have been trained in order to identify and navigate these depending on the territory they are working within.



In the UK an employer can request medical information at any stage of the process. Alternatively, in the US this can only be requested after a conditional offer is made.



In the US, eligibility to work must be provided within three days of employment. However, in the UK this must be proven prior to a candidate’s first day.



Another interesting area for navigation is termination of employment. In the US, an employee’s contract can be terminated at any time with or without prior notice or cause (except for unlawful reason). Alternatively, in the UK, a minimum notice period applies (except for dismissal).



In the UK, an employee cannot be required to work more than 48 hours per week. In the US, an employer can require staff to work as much overtime as it wants.



How do their current and past employers see them? The UK Company places a high importance on obtaining a positive reference versus their US counterparts. In the UK, it’s important to know how a candidate performs in their present environment, their relationship with their boss and peers and any issues they may have faced.

However, UK companies do deem the content of social media profiles to be less influential in making a decision on a potential new hire versus the USA. This is worth noting, as the amount of information we reveal online can allow a new potential employer to glean an opinion on personality, likes and dislikes as well as professionalism before they even speak to a candidate. Traditionally, a well-constructed resume is the first impression a candidate would be able to provide.


Due to the complexities of dealing in different territories, it is recommended you find a Recruitment Agency with experience of dealing with your country. At JPS Selection, our Recruitment Consultants are specialists within different geographies – this allows us to assist your company with hires in the UK, US, Europe and APAC.


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