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Biggest AI Trends for 2019

Biggest AI Trends for 2019
14th August 2019 Amy

Biggest AI Trends for 2019

At time of writing, 2019 has been an incredible year for AI software. It’s anticipated that by 2025, the global AI market will be worth almost $60 Million. This year, 4 billion devices will carry AI-powered voice assistants and it’s predicted 30% of organisations will employ AI in at least one sales process by 2020.

What are the biggest AI trends for 2019? We’ve outlined a few below.


Deep Learning  

According to, jobs within the AI space that require a knowledge of Deep Learning are growing at a faster rate than any other area (35% increase between 2015 and 2017). Hackernoon define ‘Deep Learning’ as “an Artificial Intelligence form, which develops algorithms called artificial neural networks working by modelling the human brain function and structure.”. It is most-commonly used in areas such as computer vision, autonomous vehicles and automatic text generation.


Checkout-free retail

One of the key predictions for 2019 in the world of AI was the shift towards checkout-free shopping. A survey carried out by Worldpay identified that 63% of respondents would find shopping more engaging and desirable in checkout-free stores. It is hoped that by making stores checkout-free, many of the pain points within the traditional physical model will be removed. For organisations, it means less payroll, less inventory and less theft.


Facial Recognition

Using the Hackermoon definition, Facial Recognition is “an artificial intelligence application form, helps identify a person with their digital image or patterns of their facial features”. It has been predicted that 2019 will be a big year in the growth of Facial Recognition. Since 2014, Facebook’s DeepFace program has been matching faces to photographs, with an accuracy of 97.25%. More recently Google, Amazon and US Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate have also been exploring Facial Recognition Services.


Machine Learning

Machine Learning uses the past to make predictions about the future. At the start of 2019, we outlined our software predictions for 2019 and included in those, we predicted that there would be even more uses of Machine Learning across multiple industries in 2019. In a recent article published by House of Bots, they identified a few key industries that will benefit from Machine Learning in 2019. These include Education, Digital Marketing and Healthcare. Techjury outlined other benefactors such as Agriculture, Real Estate, Insurance, Defence, Aerospace, Media and Hospitality.


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