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8 cities for tech start ups

8 cities for tech start ups
4th September 2018 Amy

8 cities for tech start ups

You’ve got aspirations and ambitions to achieve and you’re looking to set up a technology start up. There are many factors to consider when looking for a location to make a home for your business  – areas that have other start up companies are a big draw, as well as locations with good transport links or connections to associated industry.

Here are eight of the best locations for an ambitious technology start up:



In the top position is Singapore. It is anticipated that by 2020, the Island will have a total of 188,000 millionaires. It is rapidly becoming a world leader in Big Data; its government-installed city-wide sensors collate information on traffic movements and crowd behaviours, plus a host of other areas. The key sectors include finance, e-commerce, logistics and real estate.



Berlin has been establishing itself as a tech hub over the last few years.  With a number of start-ups including SoundCloud, Rocket Internet and Clue (period tracking app). Research carried out by Gruenden, an advisory agency for new businesses in Germany, suggests a new company is founded every 20 minutes in Berlin.



With long-established presence from the likes of IBM, Dell and AMD no ‘tech city’ list would be complete without including Austin, Texas. A combination of low taxes, reasonable real estate costs and a strong culture of entrepreneurialism, means that Austin is attractive to tech start-ups   



As the number one destination for any tech professional, San Francisco is home to a number of high-profile tech companies including Twitter, Airbnb and Uber. Due to its business ecosystem, San Francisco is a start-up magnet.



Birthplace of TransferWise and Funding Circle, London is a solidifying its identity as a ‘tech city’. As a global banking centre, the city lends itself to the reputation of a FinTech Start-up hub. A combination of proximity to Europe’s busiest airport, excellent universities nearby and the growth of East London’s Silicon roundabout has all helped keep London as a top player within the tech start up space.



Tel Aviv draws upon a pool of home-grown talent within both the military and banking sectors. As a result, its reputation as both a cybersecurity and data analytics hub has been cemented. Companies such as Fiverr, Dapulse and JFrog are all based in Tel Aviv, as well as many more.



As the most R&D intensive country in the world, South Korea yields more patents per capita than any other country. There are a number of organisations based in the area including Google and Samsung its also home to start ups such as Zikto, 8percent and Korbit as well as VC funding organisations. A lot of money has been pushed into supporting start-ups. The K-Startup Grand Challenge in particular is said to have drawn start-ups from around the world to the region.


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