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Five questions to ask when starting a new job

Five questions to ask when starting a new job
15th March 2017 Amy
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Five questions to ask when starting a new job

Starting a new job can be daunting, but equally exciting. The pending uncertainty regarding a new opportunity including the day-to-day structure of the role, meeting new work colleagues and integrating into a new environment can be challenging and unnerving.

Below are five questions to ask yourself before starting a new job, to ensure you can enjoy the new phase of your life you are about to embark upon.


Is there anything I can read prior to starting my new role that may benefit me?

Ensuring you are prepared for your first day in a new job is a great way to get a head-start on the opportunity you are about face. The majority of companies have documentation such as an employee handbook which outlines important company information that may be useful to you whilst you are getting to grips with your new responsibilities. Studying this material prior to your first day in a new job will give you a head-start in your understanding of the business you are about to join. It also shows you are proactive and ready to learn, in addition to arming you with repertoire of engaging questions for your first day.


Does this company share my personal values?

During the interview process you will have (most likely) met a number of different members of staff within the organisation you are joining, and interacted with them on more than one occasion. During this process were there any key attributes that re-occurred, or any key principles they all reinforced?

Making sure that your personal values are in line with the company you are joining will increase your chances of longevity within the organisation, and should make certain that you have a great time working there.


What is the company culture like (and will I be happy in it?)

In addition to the company values, does the culture seem like a good fit? Features such as respect within the workplace and trust between employees are vitally important to making sure that you feel supported and enjoy going to work every day.  By making sure you know what they expect from you during a typical work day, and the company stance on a work/life bias BEFORE starting a new role, you should be able to re-affirm that the culture of the company suits you.


How and when will my performance be reviewed?

The main reason people leave their present job is that they feel like they are not progressing, and therefore it’s important to know from your first day how, and when you will be provided with feedback for your work. It might not be something you cover in the interview, but it is of vital importance during your first few weeks within the business.

Knowing when you will be meeting with your line manager is important, and also how your progress will be monitored and tracked. From this you’ll be able to determine your level of achievement within your role, and without it your working life will lack direction. In a world of instant gratification, 79% of modern employees expect immediate feedback (notes Achievers, a HR firm based in San Francisco). If you expect any praise or criticism to be given instantly, but the company you are set to join only reviews staff performance annually you may need to re-think the job you are about to pursue.


What development opportunities exist?

Following-on from a frequent, steady stream of feedback another key element the modern employee expects is the opportunity to develop in their role. Does this sound like you? Learning how an organisation addresses staff development is fundamental to making sure you enjoy a happy working life within that business. Does the company allow time off for professional development which would allow you to attend a training course or a conference? By making sure that the company offers strong routes for career progression, you’ll be able to target your next achievement and continue to succeed within the job– making it more enjoyable in the long term.


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