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Considering a new role in software sales?

Considering a new role in software sales?
23rd January 2017 Amy

Considering a new role in software sales?

The prospect of finding a new software job can be daunting; regardless of the reason you are now on the market.

Software sales is a competitive environment, full of opportunity and a variety of options in terms of company size, solution, location and even which element of sales you would like to focus on. It is important to consider a variety of factors before making your next move in your career.

Outlined below are our top things to consider when looking for a new software sales role:


Company Culture

  • Do you want to work for a large software company such as Oracle or IBM, or would you prefer a smaller, start-up mentality?
  • Have you considered if you want to work for a vendor or a reseller?
  • Can you work from home, or would you prefer to be in an office environment?

These factors will guide your initial search and allow you to shortlist a potential group of companies that you would like to work for. The next factor to consider, is what you would like to get out of the company culture. Depending on team size, company size and even location the culture of an organisation can be varied.

Choosing the right one for you is important.

Equally so, a good company culture breeds positive and happy employees, and surrounding yourself with positive co-workers during your working day will also reap benefits long term. Not only in terms of your well-being, but also in regard to your productivity. A company that attracts like-minded professionals who share your values will always be in your best interest.


Are you excited about their solutions?

You want to enjoy going to work every day, and part of that is finding enjoyment in the product you are selling. Do the solutions that they offer seem exciting to you? Will you be enthusiastic about selling them? If you answered yes, the opportunity you are considering may be a good fit.

However, it isn’t just excitement around the product that is important, another important thing to factor in is the quality of them. Are you confident that the solution they are selling is good?

The software technology sector is so fast-paced and evolving, it is integral that you are confident in the solution you will be selling and sure it can deliver and keep up with the competition.

Having a good understanding of what it is you’ll be selling is vitally important to any decision regarding a new role or opportunity.


Opportunity to grow /progress

The best software sales people like to be challenged. In such a competitive industry, the opportunity to learn new skills and develop is vital to the success of any sales person. Can you see progression within the company you are considering?

Using online tools like LinkedIn could be beneficial in this situation, reach out to people currently working for the organisation to gauge their thoughts, or simply look at their tenures within particular roles and how quickly they have moved through the ranks.


Are you struggling with the prospect of finding a new software sales role? We can help! Find all of our live vacancies on our job board, or give us a call to speak to one of our experienced Consultants who can help to find you your next role.