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5 traits of a successful Recruitment Consultant

5 traits of a successful Recruitment Consultant
7th November 2018 Amy

Five traits of a successful Recruitment Consultant

Recruitment Consultants are an integral part of the hiring strategies for many large enterprise organisations all over the world. Handling multiple processes at any one time, experts in both candidate and client management and industry experts within their chosen specialism, Recruitment professionals are a non-negotiable element of talent acquisition.

What are the vital traits that make them successful in their role?



The number one skill of any Recruitment Consultant, particularly one that wants to be successful; is to have excellent communication skills. Ability to communicate with individuals at different levels within an organisation is a valuable tool. Clear communication helps throughout the process of talent acquisition as it enables the Consultant to fully understand their candidate and match them to the ideal role. They are then able to discuss this candidate in detail with the client to determine if they are a suitable match. The whole process is a lot more streamlined and efficient when communication is good.



A further aspect that contributes to make a successful Recruitment Consultant is the ability to build strong relationships. The ultimate goal of any talent acquisition professional, is to become the client’s trusted advisor. A strong relationship will mean the consultant will always be the client’s first port of call when hiring requirements present themselves.



In order to build a strong relationship and in addition to being a good communicator, it is also valuable for a Consultant to be a good listener. Being a good listener allows the Consultant to fully understand their candidate and it will also allow them to identify areas of weakness or any concerns that may be felt from either candidate or client-side. It’s not enough to just ask the right questions – a good understanding of the answers is just as important.



As with any project or process there is always a possibility of problems arising. Problem solving is a key skill for any Recruitment Consultant as there will be situations that will require them to ‘think outside the box’ and consider alternative solutions to the challenges presented by their clients and candidates. A good problem solver will be reactive, knowledgeable and focused on finding a solution which are all vital skills for a Talent Acquisition Consultant.



Further to problem solving, another key skill of successful Recruitment Consultants is the ability to spot a new opportunity. A good knowledge of the industry will help the Consultant to identify any anomalies or any market trends that may impact on recruitment within their specialist sector.  The ability to spot opportunities that the competition has not, will give the Consultant an advantage and competitive edge when clients and candidates are looking for their next partnership.


Whether you are looking to become a Recruitment Consultant, weigh up the pros and cons of using an agency to help with your next hire or looking to find a suitable agency to help you with your staffing needs there is no doubt that Talent Acquisition specialists play a big part within recruitment worldwide. Do you have any other traits that make a successful Recruitment Consultant? Let us know at [email protected]!


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