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JPS Quarter Day Out

JPS Quarter Day Out
25th November 2019 rachels

JPS Quarter Day Out

Last Friday, the JPS team had a fun-filled day for their quarterly day out; they brought their energy with them for a day of activities and healthy competition.

The team started the morning with a hearty breakfast at Browns, which set us up for an action packed day. We then headed over to The Floodgate in Birmingham for a few rounds of baseball where we really got to see who the JPS pros were! The team then had their first ever-curling game, which definitely brought the competitive side out. If that wasn’t enough, we carried on the triumph over at Lane 7 for a rivalrous round of bowling!

To end the night, the team got to enjoy a Tepinyaki experience at Shogun Cube, where the food, entertainment and Saki added to a really pleasant evening.

Overall, it was a fantastic day out for achieving the business’ quarter target.

Our culture at JPS Selection is teamwork and collaboration in both our business and social activities, and we are very well rewarded in the achievement of these goals.

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