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Who are Saviynt?

It actually began well before Saviynt was founded. Back in 2001, when Sachin Nayyar decided to create Vaau, he had a vision to create an Enterprise Role Management and Identity Compliance technology that would allow companies to manage their auditing and compliance costs. Brought into many of the Fortune 100 companies, the technology quickly became the standard for IGA. Fast forward to 2009, after Vaau was acquired by Sun Microsystems, and ultimately became part of Oracle’s ubiquitous GRC product, Sachin saw the need for a major upgrade to the now 10+ year old IGA solutions still being used by corporations around the globe.


Case Study

What was the brief?

Saviynt requested the assistance of JPS Selection to help with the recruitment of numerous technical professionals within their US and European territories. They were looking to hire a variety of different roles, with a focus on candidates from a cloud-native Identity Governance and Administration Solutions background.


What was our process?

Due to JPS Selection’s experience within the software sector, we were able to expand the list of target companies provided by Saviynt and focus on additional organisations that we had mapped within the market. A team of dedicated consultants began to shortlist and approach suitable candidates. Once a shortlist had been produced, the selected candidates were passed on to Saviynt to review.


What was the outcome?

Working in partnership with Saviynt, JPS Selection have successfully filled a number of vacancies to date.


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