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Who are Basho?

Basho provide highly accessible, scalable distribution systems that can be operated with ease at enterprise scale , allowing applications to store and retrieve unstructured data and manage active data workloads easily.


Basho were founded in 2008, and were one of the first distributed systems companies that were dedicated to creating a technology that would simplify the most critical data management challenges.


Case Study

What was the brief?

Basho asked JPS Selection to assist with the recruitment of a Key Account Executive within the West Coast of the USA. Basho then provided a comprehensive brief in terms of their requirement, detailing the technology background and other key factors such as years of experience to allow the consultants to draw up a shortlist of potential candidates.


What was our process?

JPS Selection got to work gathering names and contacting highly-aligned candidates to confirm their suitability for the role.  In total, around 47 potential candidates from seven donor companies were matched to the role, 21 of those were profiled by JPS Selection and ten were submitted to Basho for review. All ten candidates were accepted and subsequently interviewed.


What was the outcome?

From the day the initial brief was taken to the completion of this placement, the whole process took around three months. The candidate is still with Basho and is achieving great success so far.



“One of the best experiences I have had working with a recruiting firm over the course of my years in tech sales. The founders have created an approach and work ethic that stands out amongst your competition.  It was remarkable to see how well you discerned specifically what we were looking for and how accurately you matched those criteria in the candidates you selected for our review. The manner in which the JPS team presents each candidate is exceptional. The background detail on each candidate and the reasoning upon which you built your case as to why you believed a candidate to possess the traits important for success in our space was consistent.”

Regional Manager, Western US at Basho Technologies, Inc



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